Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A purple Isabelle too

I knit a purple Isabelle as an extra testknit of my instructions before the pattern's release - I knit my red Isabelle mid 2011 so it was a good chance for me to revisit the document and catch any sneaky errors.

I absolutely love the colour of this yarn - there's so much depth to it and it is the perfect purple in my opinion. I think the ribbon sets off the colour nicely and it has a bit more of a goth look to it than my red one I think. Pretty pretty pretty.

Speaking of pretty here is the ad which is running on Ravelry at the moment. It was designed by a very super clever friend who does all of the Tri'Coterie banners and ads and also designed the logo.

The purple yarn is a new semi-solid from Tri'Coterie which is avaialable during March 2012 as part of a PIRATES! themed month. It's called "Black Pearl". There is a special offer on at the moment -if you purchase yarn+pattern this month you will also receive ribbon for you to complete your shawl. You can see Black Pearl on a variety of bases , as well as other piratey yarns (including gold/silver self-striping, a Jack Sparrow colourway and a pretty graduate called Buried Treasure) here at the Tri'Coterie group on Ravelry.