Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Pattern: Filigree

Filigree Shawlette by Gabriella Henry. SweetPDesigns. Filigree is my latest design I am so excited to share.

Filigree was inspired by the Vintage yarn range by Skeinz.

Vintage DK is a great solid DK/8ply yarn, it's got a nice stitch definition, is easy to knit and comes in a pretty range of suitably vintage inspired colours. Filigree is the latest yarn in the range and is a kid/mohair laceweight (think kidsilk haze-like). In a clever move Skeinz have used the same colour palette so both yarns can be used together.

Filigree Shawlette by Gabriella Henry. SweetPDesignsFor Filigree I used the Vintage DK for the body of the shawlette - this means it knits up quite quickly and is great for TV knitting - and the mohair for a touch of romantic whimsy in the floaty edging.

100g of the DK gave me a small shawlette, ideal for wrapping around your shoulders, under a coat, or securing with a pin or brooch. BUT the pattern is written in such a way that you can make this any size you like depending on your yarn choice and yardage.

I think the monotone version (colourway is Pewter) has a vintage romantic look while stripes give a more modern look. It's amazing how just changing the colour scheme can make it look entirely different.

For this version I used Charcoal and a brighter green (Persian). I love how the lace pattern looks in the darker yarn.

In the pattern and in this photo tutorial I explain how to use the slip stitch selvedge method to make a neat top edge when changing colours in the body.

Filigree is a fun, relaxing knit and would make the perfect 'in between seasons' accesssory.

Filigree is available now on Ravelry for $5US.

Stripes! Tips for a neat edge when changing colours

A photo tutorial showing how to make a tidy and neat edge when changing colours.

This is an easy way to make a tidy and neat edge when working in stripes using a slip stitch selvedge. A neat colour change is important when working a flat piece where the colour change edges are going to be visible - such as a shawl.

Please note that this post was written specifically for my Filigree Shawlette pattern where every row is knit (ie garter stitch), and where there are 2 colours that change every 2 rows.

Update: This blogpost is also referenced in my Faster than Light shawl pattern which is also garter stitch stripes :)

1. The first st of every RS row is slipped purlwise with yarn in front. This stitch is in the OLD colour.

Tips for a neat edge when changing colours. Garter st selvedge.

2. Now wrap the old colour working yarn to the back. Now get ready to knit the next stitch using the NEW colour. At this point I drop my old colour and pick up my new colour working yarn.

Tips for a neat edge when changing colours. Garter st selvedge.

3. Knit the next stitch using new colour. Bring it IN FRONT of the old colour. See where the arrow is pointing? Thats the new colour come to the front (then wrapped around the needle like it's half way through making a knit stitch)

Tips for a neat edge when changing colours. Garter st selvedge.

4. Complete the stitch and your RH needle should look like this:
Tips for a neat edge when changing colours. Garter st selvedge.

5. As you get further into your piece of knitting the edge will look like a neat line of "Vs" - a lovely neat colour change edge :)

Tips for a neat edge when changing colours. Garter st selvedge.

Knitter "Cityracoon" kindly made a youtube tech clip of these instructions which you can view here:
Slipped st edging

If you have any questions please leave a comment below :)
Happy Knitting!