Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New home

I've decided to move home. While the business of moving house in real life is something I have come to dread (we're at house #7 in 5 years), the move to a new bloghome has me feeling excited and enthused about blogging again.

Sweetp-knits will stay up for the forseeable future. I may eventually take it down and move the patterns to Ravelry but for now I'll just leave it.

2010 has been a horrible and stress filled year. I've been feeling down, uninspired, and uncreative for most of it. What hobbies I have indulged in, have often just lead to more stress.

2011 is going to be a much better year. Full of good health, happiness and creativeness. This new home will record some of that journey to a better place. Not just knitting, but whatever strikes my fancy. Just like the background picture I'm imagining the blog will be a little bit of everything. (Sweets for Sweetp)

A slice of life in Aotearoa from me - a mother, a knitter, a writer, a reader and more.

If you're not from New Zealand maybe you are wondering about the title: Mahi-and-Aroha. Mahi and Aroha are both words in Te Reo, or Maori language. Most simply...

Mahi - work

Aroha - love, compassion, affection

Mahi aroha is also the term for volunteering, or the work we do for love. It implies a sense of community. Mahi and Aroha seemed to me to capture the life of a mother rather well. It's incredibly rewarding, but sometimes it's just plain hard work. Google also tells me that mahi-mahi in Hawaii means strong. It fits nicely I think.

So, welcome. Join me in a spot of sunshine for a cup of coffee x


  1. Love the new look to your blog and the name. I sincerely hope that 2011 brings you a lot of happiness!!

  2. I think the ne name is the perfect description of motherhood (parenthood?). May 2011 be all thatwish and more!

  3. Hi, I've only just discovered that you had made a new blog. Will come back tomorrow for a catch up. Hmmmmm now I'm hungry with all those scrummy Jelly Beans on my screen LOL. xx

  4. You new blog looks delicious- and I like the name and the story behind it, too.
    I'm looking forward to 2011 as well...it feels like a welcome new start.