Monday, December 20, 2010

FO: Brambles Beret

The Brambles Beret was featured in the Deep Fall 10 issue of I love the look of the petal like shaping on the crown and when my dear friend requested a beret for Christmas this was the one we chose together.

It's a lovely pattern with not as much cables as you would think. There are options for slouchyness, and head sizes and the instructions were clear, including how to block it out without stretching the ribbed band.

I used some stash yarn - an almost tweedy 12ply that is no longer being made. I had 100g but of course you know what happened....

I forgot from past experience using this yarn that it was very short yardage and of course I soon realized I was going to run out of yarn. This resulted in some fairly radical modifications to the crown shaping (I estimate I probably decreased twice as fast as the pattern).

My version doesn't have the dramatic petal shapes that the pattern has but, in the end I think it turned out OK. My friend has quite short hair (and luckily not a big head) and the size suits her fine. I love the colour of the yarn on her too so all in all I was pretty happy with how this little bit of Christmas knitting turned out.

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