Friday, January 28, 2011

FO: Rainbow Socks


I finished my mystery rainbow knitting! A pair of socks for me. These are my FIRST 4ply socks and I absolutely adore them. ADORE.

Rainbow socks

The pattern is called Plain Jane Socks and is a pdf that was used for a knitting class. I'd recommend it if you are new to sock knitting as there lots of extra notes. After a failed attempt at doing a shortrow toe up pattern this plain, no frills, knit-without-thinking pattern was perfect for some holiday knitting.

Rainbow stripes

The yarn (bfl/nylon) is from Tri'Coterie in France and part of a soon to be realised range of yarns/relaunch of the shop. I'm helping behind the scenes test knitting yarn so expect to see some more of these delicious yarns being knit here soon.


  1. So cool! I would totally buy some of that yarn! It's not easy to find a good self-striping rainbow sock yarn!

  2. Those are so cheerful!

  3. i must have that yarn! My god they look amazing.