Sunday, February 6, 2011


When I first saw the Hitchhiker pattern pop on Ravelry, it jumped out and yelled "Knit Me!"

So I am. I couldn't deny it any longer.


I love this pattern. It's a simple, easy-to-memorize 8 row repeat (aka perfect audio book knitting). Nice, squishy garter stitch. Stunning in its simplicity.

I'm using another Tri'Coterie yarn - Merino/Bamboo sock - which is amazingly soft and suits this pattern perfectly. The colourway is bright and colourful but the bamboo mutes everything a little bit - the black becomes a pretty heathered gray, the green doesn't screech bright lime.

I whizzed through the first 20 repeats but now the rows are sooooo much longer my enthusiasm has waned a little bit. I'm in a bit of a scarf knitting phase at the moment since they're fashionable and wearable but don't require the effort/cost of an adult sized garment. The pitfalls of course is how much knitting is required to get the length. I have 9(ish?) repeats to go now (the photo above was taken a few days ago now) so I am almost there. I can't wait to have it off the needles and add a little bit of colour to my usual black winter wardrobe.


  1. It's a great pattern isn't it! I'm planning on making one too.

  2. I thought the same thing when I saw the pattern. I haven't broken down yet to buy it, but it is on my 2011 to knit list.