Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A break away

We've been away for a few days - having a break, relaxing in the country, enjoying the quiet and getting a full nights sleep.

The countryside in Otago was so lush with green rolling hills and the smell of autumn on the air.

I think my city kids would be very happy living in the country. Not so sure about their Mum - the quiet was so nice though.

I've been informed that "when" we move to the country, a horse is at the top of our list. We're very much in the horse phase at the moment with this one.

On the way home we visited the boulders at Moeraki. It was bitterly cold with a howling wind so we didnt stay long but the kids climbed up on some of the smaller ones and I got some quick photos. They are well worth the visit if you are ever heading south of Oamaru.

They are just so spectacular.

Another must see if you are in the Oamaru area is the complex at Riverstone, ten or so minutes north of the city. An amazing wood "fortress" playground with carts, flying fox, merrygoround and playhut. An amazing garden with monster pumpkins and vegetables galore. Award winning restaurants and gift shops that made me gasp. It's set off the road, basically in the middle of nowhere but what a gem it is. They even have a few animals, including a goat with a penchant for climbing...

A few days away has been good for the soul. While the kids were busy out on the farm I knit my fingers off, completing a scarf and about half a shawl! I also read a book and a half and just enjoyed the chance to escape for a bit.


  1. gosh that does sound and look like just what you all needed. Very sensible move to have some time out. I'm so glad you were able to.

  2. glad you guys got to escape for a little while

  3. I bet that break away was just what you needed, it looks fantastic and very relaxing!

  4. Ah! North Otago... I love the Moeraki boulders, even if it is usually very cold when I pass through. Looks like country life suits everybody. :)