Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quake knitting

Thuja socks knit in Paton's Jet. The photo is not the best, taken a moment after I finished them with my ipod the night before we left Mums and came home. I was going to give them to my brother for Christmas since he now lives in Dunedin (nice thick winter socks seemed a good idea) but my stepdad tried them on and loved them. I left them with him as a thank you for housing our refugee family after the earthquake. Great pattern - I remember Bells making these in Jet ages ago and the idea of worsted weight "man socks" has stayed with me since then. It was nice to leave a little thank you behind.

I haven't knitted at all since coming home. I have been working on a secret project that I can share soon, but no actual knitting. My concentration, motivation and energy is pretty low at the moment - the stress of being home again has pretty much turned me into some sort of hermit-zombie (it's not pretty believe me). We have water again though, so at least I am clean.

If someone could just turn off the aftershocks that would be great. We all need some sleep and a break from the near constant adrenaline rushes every time the earth moves.


  1. they look great! And I'm sure it must've been nice to know you were able to give something back. *hugs*

    I hope life settles down soon, sweets. Stay safe

  2. I'm so glad the water is back on, that must help. I can't believe there are still aftershocks, poor you. Hope they go away soon.

    And maybe try a little knitting - something easy - it might give a little stress relief?