Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Angels Club Part Deux

Pattern number two for the Tri'Coterie Angels Club - Feathers down my back designed by the lovely and superknitter Mnkyknits. This is the first shawl I have made where there is lace happening in the body and I found it not as difficult as what I assumed it would be. The yarn is a deliciously soft and light 50/50 merino silk dyed in the graduated colourway "Elena" - the white through purple to midnight indigo matches the colours of Elena's wings in the Guild Hunter books. Maylin did a beautiful job of the yarn - so pretty and such fun to knit to see each shade emerge.

I knit this while we were on holiday in April and while my children were entertained on the grandparents' farmlet I sat and knit and this was the result. Maylin also knit this in the club yarn but started with the dark at the top which was also a lovely effect - probably better to see the feathery lace at the bottom in the lighter yarn.

Being involved with the yarn club has been a lot of fun and it is great seeing the parcels arrive and seeing people's reactions. Our third and final instalment of the Angels Clubs will go out in a few weeks!

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