Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This week has been one I would like to forget - more big aftershocks, more sleepless nights, a seemingly endless stomach bug that just keeps going round and round, the heartbreaking news of Aria's passing.

So something nice is in order I think.

A GiveAway!!

How to enter - leave a comment on this post with the link to your favourite blog (or blogs). Can be crafty or not. Whatever you like to read and you think I might enjoy. Your comment must include some identifiable way to contact you should you be the winner. (Either from a linked google/other account which I can email back to or your blog address or email.) I'll use a random number generator. If you have commented on any previous blog post I'll put you in the draw twice.

The prize - a skein of Tri'Coterie self striping sock yarn (I will let the winner pick). Some chocolatey goodness. And probably some other bits and pieces. Vague? Yes I am considering this is a spur of the moment sort of a thing.

Comments must be in by end of the day Sunday 26 June. International entries welcome.

Go leave your comment :)


  1. Hey, here is my fave blog

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I and everyone I know does :-)

  2. I know its terribly cliche, but I love for ideas or pretty pictures.

    ANd yes - its been a tough week all round.

  3. My all-time favorite blog is PW:
    Always funny, and lots of good recipes and photography tips, too!

  4. Ashpags is right, PW is good... BUT, I love me some Vicki. She's a Wisconsinite, and fellow Packer fanatic. Her photography is amazing, and so are her knits :)

  5. I love and her tips for living a frugal life. Need to save all my pennies just now as I am hoping to visit daughter in Christchurch in February and so hope the shakes stop soon.

  6. I feel you on the sucky week thing darling, though I've not had scary aftershocks to deal with. I love the half-assed housewife myself (, though I've heard a lot of good things about the pioneer woman too.

  7. Sorry it's been a crappy week, hope the stomach bug clears up quick smart. Yay for yarn, hey!
    One of my favourite blogs is Whoopee:

    Very funny, very earthy, quite profane (hope you don't mind that sort of thing) and she's a knitter (although it isn't a knitting blog!). And adorable children too!

  8. OH, I'm sorry, I had no idea buildings were continuing to fall around you. Surreal. (If I win, please pass the yarn along to the next person, I don't knit socks!!!) Just wanted to say hi and I'm impressed with your fortitude.

  9. Here's to a better week! One of my fave blogs is the Yarn Harlot She is quite entertaining. I used to read the Sleep Talkin' Man... would laugh myself to tears sometimes. ^_~

  10. It's been the suckiest couple of weeks, or make that year, sigh. At least you guys have an end. I'm glad for you. Also so glad you are blogging so that means we will keep in touch! My favourite blog, hmmm. so hard to choose. Oh I know, I love Jane Brocket (I have her new knitting book) I love everything she does. I do hope the sicky bugs leave your home soon, you guys seem to um, get them so often :(

  11. Hope things start to get a little better soon. For you, and everyone else in CHCH.

    You've already seen Yarn Harlot and the PW, so won't repeat those.

    I'm sure you already know about this, but I'm sharing it anyway because I love following along.

    the following blog is very good, and I'm not just saying that because it's about my Godson. It really is good, full of titbits and advice from a mom of a special needs kid.

    Then there's a banner blog I love to follow because she does great work.

    This blog is by an agent, and I love reading what she has to say about the industry. She offers advice at times, or just gives insight. Very good.

    and finally, I love following Laura's blog. She used to be my Twilighted beta, and has since ventured off into the "real publishing" world. It's so exciting to follow along on her journey.

  12. oh sweetie! things will get better... (((hugs)))

    as for podcasts that I enjoy, I've been listening to The Knitwits, a husband and wife ~ she knits and he doesn't, but they have such a great rapport they always make you laugh... they can be found at

    another one I enjoy, The Savvy Girls, are a couple of knitting sisters originally from Canadaone ... ones career has her based in South America and the other, an opera singer based in NYC travels the world singing... you can find them at:

    both also have groups on Ravelry.

  13. My current fav is really about crafting a life and home:

  14. You might like this one
    She makes beautiful things with fabric or wool and she takes fantastic photos.

  15. Well not a craft blog but this is one I have followed for the last few years since I found other families world wide with the same condition as Elijah. WARNING THIS IS SAD...tonight marks 1 year since their son passed but I find great strength in the words of a mother who can totally understand what I am going through.

  16. i love a friend's blog - she's in the US and she has some lovely designs as well like hand towels and decorations etc.

    I often think she deserves a much wider readership.

  17. OK I know I have already posted but this one is just for laughs and I know there a quite a few of us that need these. I love this woman as she just types as if she is talking. As you read it you can just imagine her saying these things. I just read her lesson on picking your battles and thought it was worth sharing.

  18. I like this blog:

    Pretty pictures and some neat projects!

  19. I have 2 new favs! (all sorts of craftiness!) and I've also become a bit obsessed with (video pod-cast type thingy all about fibery crafts).

  20. I think I would be remiss if I didn't say Hyperbole and a Half ( has kept me sane the last year! Love me some Allie Brosh!

    Amander ^_^