Saturday, June 18, 2011


this block of shops?

I posted this photo 6 weeks after the February quake. They looked pretty much the same last week. Better fencing to keep people out but the footpath still had broken glass and shop fronts lying on it.

Now they look like this:

This isn't the CBD. It's our neighbourhood shops. Simply heart breaking.

We're home again now after a week staying with my Mum - despite the crappy circumstances it was lovely to have a whole week together and a chance for everyone to spend time together before we leave. Water is on at our house now (yay!) and power. We'll try and make the most of the next 3 weeks - catching up with friends, enjoying our last days in the garden city.


  1. oh lordy... that just tears at you... *hugs*

  2. So sad.
    I hope you have a lovely time in the next three weeks and remember all the good things about living in your garden city.

  3. To see the after photo and then the after again photo - really brings it all home. All the best with your last weeks in Christchurch. It was a beautiful city and I am sure it will be again - but for now it is broken and hurting and band-aids sure ain't gonna fix it :-(