Saturday, August 20, 2011

FO: Hitchhiker Take 3

2011 019

I'm getting a bit of a head start on my Christmas knitting - I'd like to say that this came about because of an extraordinary amount of organisation and planning on my behalf but the truth is, I was simply craving some no-thinking garter stitch. I've been really tired - (nearly) a year of earthquake stress and post-move exhaustion have finally caught up with me. I've been taking things slow and just needed a mindless knit to keep my hands busy as my body and mind recoup.

2011 032

So a Hitchhiker for my sister it was. I knit this in some Tri'Coterie Organic Vegan cotton yarn for my sister who is 16 and going through the animal rights activism/vegetarian phase. I know I'm taking a bit of a risk knitting something for Her Royal Fussiness, but I hope even if the colours or pattern are wrong the "greenie" yarn will make up for it.

This is the third hitchhiker I have made. One was for myself from some super soft bamboo/merino which I wear all the time. It is probably my most favourite item I have ever made and it definitely gets the most wear. Second was a mini modified version for M4. And this third one in cotton - beautiful drape and lovely and light - hopefully it will be nice to wear in warmer months too.

2011 026
(note diva cat can not stay away when the camera comes out!)

I love how the hitchhiker looks worn - it is such an easy pattern to knit but such a stunning result. I was knitting this at my local knitting group and spread the hitchhiker love - now another of the ladies has not only joined Ravelry but has started knitting her own hitchhiker too. She's using a variegated wool sock yarn which looks great - this pattern is a great one to show off hand dyed or variegated yarns. I am sure there are more of these versatile scarves in my knitting future! I do love both the finished product and the ease of knitting.

My hitchhiker also meets all the requirements for my 11 shawls in 2011 goal so I am 8 down and only 3 to go! (Actually it's really only 1 as I have one shawl design completed but it has to stay secret for now, and another that I am hoping to release in a week or two. I have another prototype to knit and then I'll be looking for test knitters). I am surprised by how many I have knit actually - it certainly doesnt seem that many!!

What are you knitting at the moment?


  1. A head start? I've been knitting since January and still don't think I'll get it all done!!!! I think I have too many on my list ;-)

  2. One of my friends was wearing her Hitchhiker yesterday and I was thinking of ways I can bump it up the really is a great pattern for variegated yarn and so easy to wear! I hope Her Royal Fussiness will be very pleased with it! It looks great.

  3. looks lovely!

    Ohhh test knitting? Would love to hear more, sweets!

    Umm, what am I knitting at the moment? *looks around* two shawls in progress, and am swatching for fingerless gloves... probably will cast on another washcloth soon, since I'm foggy but still want to knit. Washcloths make such good foggy knitting ;-) (Hitchhiker would be, too, I imagine)