Monday, August 1, 2011

Swap Fun

Recently I participated in a shawl swap with some Ravelry friends. You may remember I made the Pettine shawl for my swappee and sent it off with some NZ themed bits and pieces. This morning my package arrived (via a convoluted detour to my Mums house - thanks mum!)

All the lovely packages in CUPCAKE wrapping paper
2011 005

Inside there was....

GORGEOUS hand dyed sock yarn - Fibrestory in "Koi Pond" (don't you just love the flashes of fish in the blue water?)
2011 010

Treats! (lots of candy, some we can get, some are totally new to me like the Hot Tamales (omg so weirdly good) and the Coffee Crisps - OMG these are DELISH) Also some yummy looking coffee AND BURT BEES!!! - have often heard how good this stuff is but I've only ever seen it once here and it was ridiculously expensive.
2011 006

Some knitting things - some hiyahiya markers that came in the COOLEST little dumpling pouch, some other sparkly ones , a knitting badge, and the red fabric in the background is an awesome project pouch (though I might use it for something else, it is so pretty). Also a lovely bookmark which I shalt use for the book I am going to start reading tonight

2011 008

Things for the girls! Cupcake hairclips and sillybandz
2011 009

Cupcake luggage tags! One for each of us or, I can pass on to other members of our Rav group if I like
2011 011


2011 017
2011 015

A PURPLE shawl. I am totally in a purple phase at the moment. Made in Malabrigo sock which is ridiculously soft and airy light and so divine. The pattern is Pettine - which is so cute because not only did my lovely swapper and I send to each other but we made the same shawl. Great Minds truly do think alike.

THank you K1P2, your generosity and lovely little notes and cards have totally made my day. You said you wanted to spoil me and I feel totally overwhelmed by everything and how much thought you put into everything. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ♥


  1. Wow, that is one awesome package! <3

  2. I forgot to comment on the yarn yesterday lol. It's soooo pretty. Can't wait to see what you make of it.

  3. I haven't done a swap for so long, as you can sometimes get a pretty ordinary package out of it, which doesn't reflect your interests or the effort you out into your swapee's package.
    But you have reminded why a swap can be so good! What a great package you have received, such gorgeous things!

  4. oh you've done really well out of this! The shawl is just gorgeous.

    Like RoseRed, I haven't done a swap in ages either. A bit burned by the experience - but yours turned out great!