Monday, February 20, 2012

One year on

Today marks the one year anniversary since the 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch which killed 185 people and devastated the city.

As the days have ticked down to today, I have felt more and more emotionally vulnerable, as feelings I thought left behind in a broken city have resurfaced. There's a lot I would love to write about now but I just can't. The wound is 365 days old now, but still too fresh.

Today I will be thinking about those who lost members of their families, their homes, or their livelihoods, of those who still have no answers and can't move on. I will be thinking of friends and family who went through this event alongside me, who I miss always, but today even moreso. Thinking of those children who will be going through a school day just like they did this time last year, and remembering everything they went through.

I will be giving my family a big hug, taking guilty thanks in the fact we no longer have to be scared. I will think about the journey we have been on since 12.51 on 22 Feb, 2011, and the rollercoaster ride that was 2011.

I will be thinking about Christchurch, the memories of how she used to be.

I will remember.

Kia kaha, Otautahi.


  1. Very moving post. My heart hurts for you and everyone else who has suffered through these quakes. Arohanui to you and your family. . .