Friday, April 20, 2012

The Bone People

Goodreads has a 'blog your review' feature, thought I'd give it a go :)

The Bone PeopleThe Bone People by Keri Hulme

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A reread of one of my favourite books for a challenge in the book loving kiwis group. I was going to take it slow and savour but I ended up reading 400 pages of it today and that is 400 pages of densely packed small type. It's currently 6.30pm and I've only just emerged from my book haze to chuck some fish fingers in the oven for the kids. The Bone People once again cast it's spell and to struggle was futile.

It was interesting to reread this -I must have read this for the first time over a decade ago - and to clearly remember passages and descriptions. Interestingly there were also whole swathes that I had forgotten (or perhaps tried hard to erase from my memory). I didn't remember the extent of the brutality for instance.

The book remains a 5 star read for me,a haunting beautiful angst filled break your heart read. A memorable and unique blend of mythology, poetry, and fiction that remains in a class of it's own.

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  1. I totally love this book. It's a wonderful, stand out piece for me. I picked it up in a youth hostel in Boston in 98 and read a heap of it that night. The next day I bought I my own copy to take on the plane to London and devoured it. What a book. I must revisit too. I think there's nothing else like it.