Thursday, May 24, 2012

12 shawls in 2012

I wasn't going to do 12 shawls in 2012 but somehow have found myself with 7 completed shawls already and another on the needles. I managed 13 last year. So I guess....I may as well.

Included in the 7 are:

The purple Isabelle I blogged about here.

A TGV made in super-soft silk/merino from American indie-dyer Fresh from the Cauldron. I think this is my favourite 'to wear' shawl I've ever made (or at least a very close second to my hitchhiker). The yarn was a special fundraiser for a writer friend who lost her home when a tree fell on it during Hurricane Irene. The pattern was a prize I won in the 11 shawls in 2011 end of year giveaway so this shawl is pretty special to me for those reasons. I also love how soft it is to wear, how it drapes just nicely, and is the perfect combination of shawl and scarf. It's a lovely mindless and fast knit that almost seems to knit itself.

My prize was actually the entire train lovers ebook by Susan Ashcroft-Hempsell aka stitchnerd and I have plans to make some of the other patterns too (when time permits of course). After joining the stitchnerd group on Ravelry I also signed up to test one of stitchnerd's new patterns - beautiful cobweb.

This was another seriously fast knit (4 days) with a super easy lace border. These shawls are a really nice wearable shape, and would be perfect for someone new to shawl knitting. There's nothing complicated about the garter body or the edging and the end result is so pretty! I gave this one to my auntie for her birthday and knit it from Tri'Coterie silver sock in the "Snow" colourway we did in November with the Game of Thrones yarns.

I made another birthday present, this time for Maylin who is the brains behind Tri'Coterie. After lots of 4ply I wanted to try a worsted weight shawl and I had some pretty pink Malabrigo I thought she might like (colour = hollyhock).

I've tended not to knit shawls with a lace body, simply because Im usually knitting while reading, watching TV, doing stuff with kids  and need a ratio of mostly brainless vs a little bit of concentrating, so this was a bit of a change for me. 5mm needles and this one flew off the needles too. Officially it is not enough yardage to count for 12 shawls in 2012 , but I might count in my own unofficial count. It's pretty small - more kerchief than shawl, but I hope it will useful for draping over shoulders while reading in bed. It's lovely and soft and I think the colour really made the lace pop.

And the last one for today's show and tell is a Haruni. She is stunning. Knit in totally luxurious camel/silk this was a dream to knit and it's hard to really convey how lovely and soft this shawl is. It's the type of shawl I want to wear with my very best black dress and go somewhere fancy fancy. In all probability this means she'll never get worn, destined for a lonely life of 'just for best' . Perhaps I could just take her out periodically, just to admire.

Close up of the border because...gasp...I did the loopy bits with a crochet hook!!

So yes 7 down (2 I can't show just yet) , and only 5 more to go, and a few months to do it :) I should be fine I think!

What's your favourite shawl pattern?


  1. that Haruni is absolutely gorgeous, but I've told you that before ;-)

    I love Stitchnerd's patterns, too. I'm in the 12 shawls things, like you, though I've not worked on much the past couple of months. Mind, the first month and a half, I finished what... 5 shawls? More? I can't even remember lol.

  2. They are all fab, but that Haruni, she is awesome! And yay for crochet! Crochet is not evil!