Monday, August 20, 2012


Hard to believe but my baby turned 5 this month. I remember when I started blogging at sweetp-knits and she was just a few months old!

It's an exciting time - lots of new beginnings, for her and for me.

She is really enjoying being a big girl and going off to school in the mornings and coming home on the school bus. Long may the enthusiasm last !

She is a bit of a character and doesn't like anything pink or girlie. Many months ago she requested a yellow robot cake - so we themed her party around that. I found an awesome robot cake tutorial online - perfect for my cakedecorating challenged self. She loved it :)

 My days are very quiet now but I am finding my days go by very quickly. The girls finish school at 2.35 and it rolls around very quick.  I had all these (lofty) plans of what I would do with all my "free time" but I seem to be busier than ever!

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  1. Happy birthday to your yellow robot loving girl, and happy birth day to you! The cake looks fantastic, you did a great job!