Sunday, April 10, 2011

ROW 15: A photo tutorial

Aile d'Ange. Row 15 photo tutorial

Just in case there is any confusion re row 15 here is a photo tutorial. I hope it helps if you are having trouble working out what to do. If in doubt, contact me :)

Row 15: follow directions as written

.... sl last st, (working yarn comes from 2nd last stitch) ,

take the previous scallop and line it up with your knitting needle. Count 9 stitches across from where the scallop starts to come out from the scarf body. (One or two stitches out won't dramatically change the shape of your scallops).

pick up and knit the 9th st of the previous scallop (Insert your needle into this 9th stitch that you just identified and knit it with the working yarn)

pass sl st over it (the stitch next to the new one you have just created)

On the next row you bind off stitches which gives the curved shape of the scallop. Once you have completed this row the "join" between the scallops should look like this (I have stretched it out with my fingers for this photo):

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