Sunday, April 10, 2011

Secret Knitting, secret no more!

I have been working behind the scenes for a few months now with the lovely Maylin of Tri'Coterie. Tri'Coterie has recently had a relaunch and is now running 3monthly yarn clubs as well as a monthly selection of exclusive self-striping yarns. It's been an exciting venture to be a part of; great for keeping my mind busy and for rediscovering my love of knitting and finding my creative side.

Our first club "Angels" has just started. It will feature 3 packages each containing yarn, a pattern and swag around the theme of angels - specifically characters from Nalini Singh's (who is a New Zealander by the way) Guild Hunter novels. These are great urban fantasy books - strong female lead, unique and interesting universe and just the right amount of hot angel sexiness.

The first package is arriving at the moment and the first pattern of the club is mine. Scary, nerve wrecking but also very exciting.

Aile d'Ange- Angel Wing Scarf

This is a fingering weight scarf knit on Tri'Coterie Silver Sparkle Sock yarn. It features a stocking stitch body and a knit-on scallop lace border which is shaped like angel wings.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and how my foray into using a "proper" programme to format a pattern for pdf publishing has gone.

The yarn is simply gorgeous. Just enough sparkle to add interest and shine without being gaudy. It is based on the character "Illium" who has cobalt wings with silver tips. He was my favourite character in the books. Maylin has a gift for creating colourways that are so vibrant.

Until January 2012 the pattern is exclusive to club members. If you would like to be notified when the pattern is published for general release (Rav download) then just leave a comment on the pattern page.

To be in the know when Tri'Coterie launches our next club or to keep an eye out for self-striping yarns (which aren't a club - anyone can order any amount) then join the group on Ravelry. April's self striping yarns are based on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - so cool.

I am currently laptop-less which is AWFUL. So I apologize for the lack of comment replying to and there will probably be a lack of posts for a bit while I try and get it sorted/fixed/replaced. I do appreciate all the supportive comments re the last earthquake post. It really helps x

Thanks for reading.


  1. Wow! How exciting! Your pattern looks amazing!

    And I do like the sound of Alice in Wonderland inspired self-striping evil temptress!

    Hope the computer situation is resolved soon - whatever did we do without them!

  2. I left a comment on the pattern page already, but I'll say it again, here:

    I love the pattern. So simple, yet elegant, and especially with that color... it pops in the best ways.

    Props to you for designing it, and props to Maylin for her beautiful colorwork! Now...where did I put that winning lottery ticket? (as if *sigh*)

  3. Wow, it looks beautiful. I can't wait to knit myself one when it's available, so pretty.