Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Instant gratification. Part 1

I'm all shawled out. I love knitting them but I think all that 4ply has just worn my poor fingers out. So I decided to put my latest shawl project (which I am designing as well as knitting) on hold for a bit and make some stuff. Quick stuff !

My children have reached the ages now where belting out a kid knit is a bit daunting. The littlest is the only one that's still a nice little size but she is incredibly fussy about what she will and won't wear, I wouldn't even waste my time! But still, I was feeling like I wanted to knit them something.

So toys it was.

A while ago I requested our local library purchase Katie Boyette's Knit Wit book. You might know her as caffaknitted - designer of some very cool and quirky toy patterns. To my delight the library did buy the book and I had an amusing chat with the librarian about which patterns I might knit. In the end the kids chose one pattern each.

M9 picked perhaps the most non-quirky pattern in the book - Owls. I let her pick something from my stash but she wanted something "real" - and the only brown I had was some gorgeous wool/silk that Maylin had dyed for me. It's an 8ply and deliciously smooth (and way too nice to make toys from...let them stash dive, this is what you get I suppose!). I had actually tried to design this yarn into something with little luck so it was quite nice to see it finally made into something.

I am quite pleased how it turned out and M has placed him (her?) on her bookcase to guard her books. The wool is gorgeous. I do love silk blends, they are so smooth and the stitch definition is stunning. The colours in this one-of-a-kind skein are just lovely - every colour brown with splashes of teal that really make the colours pop and make it something special. I used such a tiny amount I will still be able to make something else with the remaining ball.

In his natural habitat ;)

Cute I think, and nice to be able to spend a few short nights and have a FO to show for it. Instant gratification indeed.

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  1. Very very cute!

    Blogger wouldn't let me comment on your post about moving - big decision but it sounds like the right one for your family