Thursday, June 2, 2011

Instant Gratification. Part 2

M3 picked the robot pattern "Ratchet" from the KnitWit book. I asked her what colour she wanted it and she said green (same as the picture in the book...), then she saw some red, so changed her mind. Then she spotted my Bob Marley yarn which has both red AND green and settled on that. This is another Tri'Coterie yarn and was featured in the May self-stripes batch which featured music inspirations. Maylin gave me this colourway on DK, so it was a perfect weight for robot knitting.

Meet "Bob" the rasta-bot:

The knitting parts of this were easier than the Owl I made M9, but again another day was spent doing all the fiddly bits and sewing on the face using some felt I had in my stash.

I love how the stripes turned out - the colours are so bright and clear. The DK yarn is gorgeously soft and squishy - a delight to knit and just perfect for cuddles. He is very much loved! And doesn't that make a knitter happy!

I had barely made a dent in the yarn cake so I offered to knit some matching socks...

This was a really basic pattern I found on Ravelry which wasn't particularly clear or well written but was fine for what I needed - which was basically just the numbers. They are a little on the small side around the heel but otherwise fit fine and are so soft and warm. Little feet and double knit yarn makes for super quick socks and I had these both finished in two nights - speed also helped my little girl asking me every few minutes if I was done yet ;)

Ahhh instant gratification you are the best!


  1. Awwww, she loves them both! You can't ask for more than that!

  2. Cute! Gotta love a robot or two.

  3. instant and wonderful! Nice work! She looks SO happy.