Thursday, June 2, 2011

There has to be a Part 3 of course

3 girls, 3 lots of small, quick knits.

This one I completed awhile back.

N5's favourite book is Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor.

"I love being fancy. My headband has a plume...that's a fancy word for feather."

Fancy Nancy is delightful. If you have a small girl (or boy) in your life and haven't read these books you are missing out. Full of fun and a great way to expand a child's vocabulary to include words like stupendous, oh-la-la, fuschia (that's a fancy word for purple) and, of course, full of tips on how to be more fancy!

This headband with it's crystal and plume are exactly the sort of thing Fancy Nancy would approve of. My pink loving girlie girl loves it. I bought a cheap plastic headband from the $2 shop (the type without teeth on the inside) and made a 4 stitch i-cord. As I knit the i-cord I wrapped it around the headband so it sits inside the i-cord. I read about this technique in a book where they had wrapped plastic tubing to use as a bag handle. Very easy and very effective, the inside lies completely flat which is perfect for headbands.

She also got a pink (of course) winter scarf as part of her Mum-knits but it's a test knit for a pattern we might use later for a yarn club so no spoilery pics for now. She may also get a vampiric panda from the knitwits book at some stage, but for now I am having a break from small fiddly toys.

Tomorrow, books I read in May!


  1. It's so cute! If it were in red, I'd totally wear one! Thanks for the tip on Fancy Nancy. I shall definitely look her up!

  2. very cute. Having a hard time getting a "visual" on how you managed it, though