Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feeling Blessed

Leaving friends is sad and hard.

As a farewell gift the lovely Deb gave me a quilt. A QUILT! I've never had a quilt before and will treasure it forever. It's been on our bed since we arrived here. Deb wrote a lovely blog post about it here - she describes how special all the fabrics are, and it makes me love it even more knowing she used all her bestest fabrics for it. Thank you honey. We will miss you and your lovely children.

2011 010
While we travelled up the country to get to the new house we stayed a night with the awesomely talented Christine. I got to admire her impressive craft ROOM, catch up with some online friends, spend an evening chatting and knitting and hanging out with C. Our kids and her kids had a ball and I hope we can catch up again sometime soon. Christine gave me some scrumptious black bunny fibre "apollo" (gold sparkle base) fingering yarn. It is so me - purple, purple, purple. I can't wait to find the perfect pattern to show it off. She also gave me a jar of handmade woolwash which I am looking forward to trying.

DH got his fair share of goodbye gifts and cards from friends and colleagues (and something from every class in the school!) plus one of these t-shirts which I might have to steal for myself!

And then (yes there's more)....

Last month I entered a competition on the Joy of Yarn group on Ravelry. It was a "feeling good" competition where you had to say what made your happy - my post was about moving and making a fresh start. And I was lucky enough to be one of the winners!!! James so kindly let me choose 2 skeins - one of the merino mania sock yarn which I love and have used here and here, and one of the brand new awesome alpaca. Here are the skeins I chose:

Purple = Heliotrope on the alpaca. Super soft and a lovely soft blend of purples and grays. Orange/red is Heart Light on the merino and I am imagining it as something summery and light.

2011 012

So despite the sadness of leaving, there is joy in new beginnings and having special things to remember friends by. I feel blessed.


  1. aww so lovely, all of it. *hugs*

  2. Glad to see you settled and to see you counting your blessings. I'm sure that's pretty tough - although made easier with SO MUCH loveliness!

  3. Well I can't think of anyone more deserving of lovely yarn. And the quilt! Wow! How wonderful! I dream of having a lovely quilt of special fabrics one day!

  4. I'm so glad you like it and it makes me happy that it's on your bed!! Hope you settling in well. Hugs deb xx
    ps good luck for the first day of school etc tomorrow!!