Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Home

We made it to the new house, an epic 12ookm journey from quake ridden Christchurch in the South Island to the "winterless north" near the top of the north island. For those with some NZ geography knowledge we are living in the Kaipara district.

2011 040

It's very rural - view from the back of the house. The neighbours are grazing their goat in our back yard - the kids think this is just great. There is also a grapefruit tree out the back.

2011 041

Rural views from the front of the house too! I think this city girl will take a bit to get used to this all. The weather is pretty warm compared to what we're used to, the spring flowers are out in full force.

2011 042

The house itself is a basic little weatherboard. Our 13y old Puddy has taken yet another move in his stride, and has been out exploring the outside already.

2011 044

We were a little more worried about our diva cat who we found abandoned at our old house, but she too, seems to be unfazed - home is where your peoples are apparently.

2011 039

The house has lots of space, 3 good sized bedrooms, lots of storage and bench space. The interior decorating leaves a bit to be desired in some places like this truly delightful wallpaper in the kitchen but as the house is several hundred dollars a week cheaper in rent than what we were paying in Christchurch we find we can live with it ;) House ownership suddenly seems a whole lot closer.

2011 043

It feels like home once you get the important stuff unpacked and you make yourself a little knitting corner. (Current knitting project some socks in Slytherin self striping, various languishing WiPs in basket).

2011 035

The fourth bedroom is quite small and doesn't have carpet so DH and I are fighting over it at present. He is threatening to move in his gym gear but I beat him to it and bought some bookcases and started to turn it into a craft room, or at least, a craft corner.

2011 036

It's lovely to have some yarn on display. I'm in a purple phase at the moment - the shelf features some new yarns acquired on the trip up (a little stop at The Wool Company in Taihape for some Utiku DK in Prussian Purple - bottom right corner), and some other bits and pieces I have had stashed for several years (including the Green Mountain Spinnery - Mountain Mohair that Peaceful Knitter sent me many moons ago). There is also a skein of Dream in Color Everlasting Sock (top right) I recently treated myself to and some 12ply I handdyed myself (bottom left corner).

2011 037

There is space for yarn and books and magazines. Plus an empty shelf for future treasures.

2011 038

I also bought some purple fabric boxes for storing other bits and bobs including paper craft supplies and beads etc. It's not everything *cough* but it makes me happy to see some of it nicely stored and on display.

Thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes for our big move and for those CHCH friends who gave us several weeks of lovely (though sad) goodbye playdates and parties. I look forward to catching up with some north island friends once I catch my breath.


  1. Well done! It looks idyllic... I even quite like the wallpaper ;)

  2. I quite like the wallpaper too! In the right context...maybe you'll have tomstart a collection of 70s Pyrex and fondue sets!

    Glad the move went well, and yay for a craft corner! The location looks gorgeous!

  3. I love the new place! Even the wallpaper ;-) The $ off makes it all even better ;-) So glad you're safe and sound. *hugs*