Saturday, November 26, 2011

Testing testing testing

This year has seen me partaking in a lot of test knitting. Some of it has been 'in house' testing of club patterns, some for friends, some just when I see something I like on a testing board on Ravelry.

Earlier this year I replied to a call out for testers from Belinda Too aka Blendy Knits. Belinda is a NZ designer who published a pattern book - Blendy Knits Socks - last year. She had a new book in the works and needed testers who could use NZ yarns to test the patterns. So I replied, got allocated a pattern, knit it up , sent it off to her and then...kind of forgot about it!

A few weeks ago this arrived in my letterbox:

Blendy Knits Again is Belinda's follow on pattern book with a range of patterns; from scarves, hats and mittens to legwarmers and socks. I love the layout of the book, with it's clear difficulty ratings and coloured sections for each 'type' of pattern. There are some really fun patterns ( a child's hat that looks like a Wot-Wot, zany legwarmers) and some lovely elegant scarves.

The pattern I tested was this baby cardigan. That's my knitting the cute baby is wearing!!

I love how it looks on a real baby. It was a fun, if somewhat challenging knit, made in some gorgeous Vintage Purls sock yarn. There is something pretty special about seeing your own knitting (and your name) in actual print! I've been given the cardy back now and will keep it my baby gift box.

Blendy Knits Again is available here.


  1. I love your knit. The book looks awesome :)

  2. Look at you, your knitting is famous! Very cool!

  3. Oh wow, fame at last. The cardi is beautiful and you must feel so proud that your work is admired.