Friday, January 13, 2012

Just because

Just because I wanted something mindless and easy while we were in the midst of the shifting house chaos. Miles of stocking stitch was just the thing.

The yarn, a "just because" impulse buy. Gorgeous gray toned 10ply from the Breaking Dawn update at Red Riding Hood yarns. The colourway is called "Imprint" and makes me think of wolves. I seem to be really drawn to gray at the moment.

Just because, after lots and lots of gift knitting, it was time to make something just for me. Pattern is Abalone. A pattern that is more like a recipe, but easy to modify to suit your own measurements. Soothing stocking stitch finished off with a gorgeous Icord bind off (takes a long time but worth it I think). I think this is going to be a great layering piece for when the weather cools.

Just because I fell in love with the pattern - Escargot from the last knitty. It's high summer here, I certainly do not need a worsted weight hat right now but I knit it anyway...just because I wanted to :)

I hope to knit more things "just because" in 2012. I'm not making goals to finish my wips or knit 12 shawls in 2012, knit down my queue, only knit from stash, or anything else like that. Just to simply knit "just because".


  1. Just Because is an excellent goal to have, though! Love both the cardi and the hat :-) (I actually like your hat better than what they've shown on Knitty)

  2. the abalone is gorgeous! cute hat, nice goal ;)

  3. Isn't it lovely to be able to knit something just because! I love the hat on you, it suits you so well. And the little cardi will be perfect for the cooler weather, and shows off the lovely yarn so well.

  4. oh! How lovely! I can feel the yarn's softness through the screen.

    Escargot is just perfect for you.

  5. Wow I love that cardy, the colour and the style are both beautiful and it'll be so wearable year-round. And 'just because' is a great reason for anything, I reckon!