Saturday, January 21, 2012

Summer at home

Summer has been very quiet for us. 2011 was busy and stressful; it's been nice just to chill out at home and read lots of books and do not a lot of anything. The weather has been very wet so lots of the things we planned got written off and we've just been hanging out at home mostly.

2012 025
Sunrise over the valley.

One thing about now having our OWN place is the ability to make the garden our own too. We planted some things - a lemon tree (DH) and some hydrangeas (me), we found a massive rhubarb plant hidden by the rose bushes and have been indulging in bowls of hot stewed rhubarb and vanilla icecream. There was already a gorgeous strawberry patch which we ate our way through, and the plums are just starting to ripen - DH finds me one each afternoon. The paddocks have cattle grazing in them now so we're feeling like proper lifestylers, the kids enjoy saying hello.

2012 021

We did a day trip to Auckland and spent an afternoon at Butterfly Creek. It was awesome. The kids absolutely loved it.

2012 161

I dont think Ive ever been so up and close and personal to butterflies before, it was quite magical.

2012 169

One week left of the summer break. In some ways it feels like it has gone by so fast, and then in others (when the kids are fighting mostly) I feel ready for a dose of normality and routine! Term 1 looms ahead. In the meantime I'll be spending some quality time with my new love...
2012 009

And knitting on with a test knit for Tikki

2012 005

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  1. The butterfly place looks awesome. As does your place - it really is so good to have something all your own. Especially a garden - especially when you find a strawberry patch! Lovely!