Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cool stuff on the internet today...

A random collection of cool stuff 

Spinning Sheep.
Found via a friends FB page (thanks neak). Knitting/spinning related mugs and postcards! Very cool indeed, I especially love the 'dye bath' design.

Image from the website:

I think I might have to get a pack of the postcards for using with swaps and other yarny type packages. They are perfect!

Little Radiator
Funky custom made teeshirts for those who love fibre. When you go the website you can choose the style/colour of teeshirt and graphic for the perfect tee for you. I particularly love "the dog ate my lace knitting" and "she was caught playing with fibre" designs. Go check them out!

Entangled Magazine.
I recently signed up for a year's subscription when they were doing an indiegogo fundraising campaign. I'm so impressed with the quality of this digital magazine and with the content. It's not a pattern focussed publication but an interest magazine aimed at those who craft. In the latest issue there are lots of interesting articles and interviews with Justine Turner, Stephen West and Martina Behm.

Lovely Yarn.
The ever popular Red Riding Hood Yarns is back after a short maternity leave break. Check facebook for updates (today at 2pm!)
Olive and Emma yarn is a new indie dyer in the NZ scene. She also updates weekly via facebook and is running a ballot sale tonight (so you dont have to be first in).
Featherbrush yarns is based in Christchurch and sells via her website and is available for customs. This is my delicious 'cherry' in 8ply I bought from her opening sale.

And finally something not so cool. Ravelry has been sent a cease&desist letter from the US Olympic Committee for infringing on the USOC's intellectual property rights by using the term "Ravelympics" and further that the event is 'denigrating' the athletes by the use of event names such as afghan marathon.
Sometimes I am very glad to be living in a country that does not litigate like the US does. I can't really add anything that The Magpie Knitter hasn't already said so go check out her blog post. Seriously, wonder what the world is coming to sometimes!

If you've got something knittingcool that you've spotted this week please share!


  1. lol they were too cool not to share once I have some funds I will get some postcards too :)

  2. Nice feature! That cherry yarn is just gorgeous.

    The Ravelympics thing is just too ridiculous (and insulting) for words. Ugh.