Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jane and Annabel

The last time I knit an actual garment for one of my kids was... 2009!!!!

Since then I've made them socks and scarves and toys but no actual garments. My enthusiasm for kid knit tends to wear off at about size 2 apparently.

Last week I finished a cute little knit for Tikki, testing the latest in her 'sisters' patterns. So far there is Jane (the adult version which I knitted for myself back in January) and Elizabeth. Suzanne is in the final stages of testing, and Tikki is currently working on Annie/Anabel. This is the 'winter' sister  - a snuggly winter jacket that includes a pretty daisy stitch (which also features on Suzanne) and optional hood. I really loved the look of this pattern and signed up to test knit, making a little one to gift to a friend who is having a baby this Northern Hemisphere winter.

I knit it in Family Roots Worsted which I got in a co-op last year. Size 3mth. More details here. It's very cute and small and was such a pleasure to knit. It reminded me of all the reasons why I love to be a knitter - creating special pieces to gift to loved ones, and the added bonus of lots of cute. Fingers crossed my friend has a girl baby!!!

The pattern should be released sometime in the next month or so. Keep your eye out in Tikki's group on Ravelry. She has a lovely range of modern childrenswear and is one of my favourite designers - her patterns are always clear and the finished garments are something kids love to wear.

After making the Anabel jacket I decided that I really wanted to make one of my kids something. Miss 10 is a bit big now, and Miss 4 politely said "no thanks" when I asked her so it looks as though Miss almost7 will be the winner on this. She's the one most likely to wear cardigans and knitting anyway so  it's a win for me too.

So, after 3 years I've cast on for something for my kids. A Jane cardigan in a beautiful deep crimson that DD picked herself. Knitworld has a big sale on at the moment which included a mill end 8ply merino/cashmere for less than $4/50g so I got a couple of cardigan lots for her. We'll see if it takes me another 3 years to actually get around to knitting them up!

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