Friday, July 13, 2012

FO: Cornwall Park Shrug

After a long time of not knitting for my kids I'm on a bit of a roll. I made Miss almost 7 a Cornwall Park shrug. This is another clever pattern from Kelly @ Knit.So.Quaint and is a lovely little raglan shrug in a pretty lacey stitch.

DD wanted 'something sparkly' and chose this 4ply sparkle yarn from Tri'Coterie. Serendipitously this was an upcoming yarn and so her shrug also doubled as a test knit of the colourway. It's "Jadis" from the Narnia series of books by C.S.Lewis and the theme of July's yarn stocking. We're also stocking colourways in Aslan, Dawn Treader, Reepicheep and a gradient also inspired by The White Witch. You can find ordering information here.

The knitting itself is not too difficult though you do have to concentrate, particularly as the sleeves and body do not share the same written line of the pattern. But with no front, sides or sleeves (!!) it is an incredibly economical knit and I made this from just 47g of fingering yarn. I think that's pretty awesome for a size 7 garment!

DD loves it and has worn it a couple of times already. It's a nice style for where we live where it is often fine and warm-ish even in winter. Now her big sister has put in a request for one....looks like my selfish knitting is on hold for a little while!


  1. That is really cute! And gorgeous yarn. And I can't believe it was knit from less than 50g of yarn! Amazing!

  2. that's really pretty - I think a shrug is a lovely idea for girls of that age. It look so elegant on her!