Thursday, July 26, 2012

FO: Suzanne

Miss Almost 7 is doing well in the handknits this winter. After such a long break from kid knitting it has been lovely to create for my own children.

Suzanne is another of Tikki/Georgie Hallam's designs in her "sister" series. I've already made Jane, and Annabel so this is my third sister, which I made for our second sister.

One of the things I love most about Tikki's designs is that she doesn't just take the same thing and recycle it over and over - all her designs are unique. Suzanne is knit sideways like a traditional shrug - you knit an arm (in the round) then the back, then the other arm. Once that part is complete you pick up stitches and knit the bodice part (top down). Very cool. It was nice to try a different construction for this knit.

 It makes for a lovely open styling which looks lovely and feminine but without being too fussy. I really love the length of this, especially over leggings/boots. There's great coverage in the back, but the front is nice and open and with 3/4 sleeves this is a lovely piece for spring/autumn when the weather can be so changeable.

DD has worn it to school two days in a row so I would say that's a hit with her :) The wool I used is the same brand as her Jane. It's a merino/cashmere 8 ply blend which is lovely and cushy to knit with. Unfortunately it pills insanely. It's making me rethink the massive amount I bought to knit myself a sweater. Lured by the cashmere and the cheap price point it's disappointing that the finish is less than ideal when it is covered by blobs of fuzz. This is how much it pilled after ONE WEAR.

I may have to invest in a sweater shaver!!

While we out in the fading winter light , I spotted some spring flowers in the garden. I love those first spring bulbs - such a promise of warmer times ahead.

Finally, this is my favourite photo from our "shoot" - I swear that cat hears the camera clicking and comes running!


  1. it's lovely! I'm such a fan of her work. This one has been on my 'probably for spring' plans this year.

    That last photo is so sweet. You're right.

  2. It looks very pretty - isnt it annoying when the yarn pills. I think it would be nice to for my god-daughter. I love Tikki's patterns.

  3. Such a sweet cardigan. The last photo is lovely! Some times I find that yarn pills a lot initially, but once the first wash and 'defluff' is done, it settles down and is much better. Hopefully that will be the case with your yarn.

  4. That is a really cute cardi, love the back. Shame about the pilling! I have a shaver thingy, it is quite good!