Sunday, September 23, 2012


At the end of August I attended Knit August Nights in Napier. My first ever 'knitting conference' - it was, as you can imagine, so much fun. It is incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by crafty folk - everyone single person 'gets it' (no awkward 'yes I knit' explanations required!), and to look around a room and see needles (and hooks) in every hand.  It was also very cool to meet fellow Ravellers that I had "met" online before, or recognised from ravatars.

I shared a room with lovely Jackie (we have exchanged so many emails and texts so it was fantastic to finally meet !) and clever Frances of sourkraut spindle fame. We shared knitting stories and yummy treats and I really couldn't have asked for better company to share my first KAN experience with. Our room was right on the harbour - lying in bed listening to the sea, and waking to the sunrise over the water was just beautiful.

On Friday I attended the traders market - scoring some much coveted Vintage Purls Max, some  lovely Knitsch (funnily enough also in green/purple), a very gorgeous owl shaped shawl pin and some other wooly bits and pieces. While classes were on I sat with some friends (old and new) and knitted and enjoyed a drink. Really a perfect Friday afternoon in my opinion!

Saturday I spent in classes. Totally exhausted myself but now find myself able to crochet, make amigurumi and hand-felt. I have wanted to learn to crochet for a long time and found the class to be perfectly pitched and the handouts to explain everything just how I would have worded it myself. I went (somewhat ambitiously) straight from the crochet class to the amigurumi class and while I struggled, I also didn't find it too difficult once I got going. I have to say since returning home I have become somewhat enamored with the hook and have barely knitted a stitch!!

Sunday was spent exploring beautiful Hawkes Bay - attending the amazing Farmers market in Hastings (a must see if you are ever in the area on a weekend....just wow), the Arataki honey centre and of course, a wine tasting (at the exquisite Te Mata winery). I flew home later that afternoon feeling tired but so fulfilled, inspired and wishing the event was over a week instead of just a weekend!

Maree and helpers do a fantastic job of organising everything, the venue is great, the atmosphere even better and I will definitely be back next year!! (I'll also try and remember to take more photos! - the 'official' photos are here)

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  1. A knitting conference! How fabulous! I've seen all our crochet popping up! Yay for a convert!