Thursday, September 27, 2012


 If you follow my projects on the Ravelry friend activity feed you will have noticed an abundance of crochet projects!

After learning the basics of normal crochet, and how to make amigurumi at KAN everything seemed to have clicked into place for me and I have barely knitted a stitch in the past month!

My first ever ami piece (penguin finger puppet pattern used in the class - I made mine into a's wonky but was immediately claimed by miss 5).

A bit boring but cotton dishcloths are always useful. This was a good practice piece to work on my tension, and to practise going around corners. The worsted weight cotton was nice and smooth - very easy to see each individual stitch and I think a great choice for a beginner.

This is my first "proper" ami piece - owl two ways. This is an easy pattern and I'm really happy with how she turned out. I think I've had the safety eyes in my button stash for about two years! so it was good to finally use them.

Following on from owlie success I made a mash of monsters - just for fun :) A great way to use up some worsted + leftovers.

Right now I'm working on a crochet blanket. It's a bit of an epic project but I'm still finding crochet SO QUICK! It's been great to learn some new stitches and to really consolidate my new found skills :)

Happy hooker is hooked!

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  1. Those monsters are extremely cute. I love the crazy and quirky streak that crochet brings out in a person! They're awesome.