Sunday, September 30, 2012

Auckland Zoo

A trip to Auckland today, and a visit to the Zoo.

 The perfect way to start the holidays.


The hippos looked SO happy in their mud pile. If this is what hippo life is like, I could totally come back as one.

Burma the elephant almost ran us over! The kids looked totally amazed to see an actual live elephant walking past.

This is my favourite photo of the day :) Perfect timing.

I think the primate enclosures were my favourite. Hard to see here but there are spider monkeys all over the bank- just going about their usual lives with a human audience. Near to here was a gibbon enclosure with the most amazingly loud gibbon - makes me realise how noisy a jungle must be. I really wanted to see Janie the chimpanzee but she must have been resting inside as we couldn't see her.

This photo makes me smile. The last time we were at the Zoo, Big M was 5 and there were only 2 heads looking over the fence (Little M was a baby in the buggy). I must try and find the pic sometime and compare. 

A fabulous day - very hot (maybe spring has finally arrived!) and tiring but loads of fun.

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