Thursday, October 4, 2012

New additions

Meet our (yet unnamed) additions to the family. There are actually 4 but they were a bit shy and wouldn't pose together!

I've wanted chickens for a long time and last week a visit from my clever DIY-genius stepdad resulted in an old horse corral being turned into a chicken run. The girls have a little house with nesting boxes and a perch and a huge fenced area to roam around.

They seem pretty happy. Day 2 and we had 3 eggs this morning so I'm going to assume they're pretty pleased with the new abode.

I love going out to check them, they're quite friendly and already I can see distinct personalities. And nothing beats your own fresh eggs!


  1. this is very exciting. I love my chickens and two years in I know it was the best decision! They're wonderful. Are you going to put straw or other nesting material in their house? I've done that from the start. Lots of warmth and softness (for landing eggs!) I find.

    It's a great set up. Well done on your step dad's work. It's fantastic!

  2. Yay chooks! I think we are going to get some when we get our fences replaced. Love fresh eggs!

  3. Oh I'd love chooks! Can't wait to hear more about how they're settling in Gabes.

  4. Lucky!! I keep eyeing up the scrubby bit at the back of my garden thinking if I just fenced it... chickens are so great. I miss them. Enjoy yours!!