Thursday, October 18, 2012

Settling in

This morning we awoke to chickens outside in the garden - actually they were waiting at the door like we might open it and let them in! It was so windy last night, the gate to their pen blew open.

Already I can personalities emerging, and perhaps a bit of a pecking order. Hermoine (pictured) is definitely the bossypants and she'll peck your toes if you go out to feed them in your jandals. She probably talked the rest of them (Flopsy, Henrietta and Harriet) into having a little explore this morning!

In the end I enticed them back to their pen with some breakfast. Easy peasy.

We've had a week or so of no eggs which I hope was just getting used to a new diet (food scraps....yum) and settling in. This morning there were 2- I'm still amazed by the sheer size of the eggs. One of them lays eggs so big they don't fit in standard egg cartons! Omlette for lunch today I think :)

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