Sunday, October 28, 2012

FO: Griffin


I have a new favourite pattern. I was lucky enough to be a test knitter and it's just been released on Ravelry.

Griffin by Georgie Hallam

Griffin is a saddle shouldered vest, knit in the round with a kangaroo pocket and deep set neckline. There is also a hood option and a sister pattern (Gwendolyn) for a longer dress version. It's a fun knit and a construction (saddles) I've not done before.

I really loved testing this that I actually made three!

A little bitty 3 month version in Tri'Coterie Donegal Tweed DK. This was SO soft to work with, plump and squishy with a white nep that keeps things interesting. I think this one is definitely rocking the 70s vibe.

Then I made a 3year old version to give to one of my nephews for xmas.  I used some Utiku Smoke (Wool Company) that I have had stashed for ages, and a little bit of contrast charcoal plain 8ply to do the pocket and collar. I really loved how this one looks with the contrast. It's little boy smart I think.

 I let Miss 5 try on the gray one - I'd previously tried to convince her that she would look great in one of these - and she was finally convinced. I let her stash dive and she picked some Tri'Coterie DK  in a bright orange vareigated colourway named for Aslan from the Narnia books. This another cool throwback to the 70s! I really love this one too and it suits my little tomboy to a T.

Griffin is a wonderfully versatile pattern and is written in both DK and Aran weights. As with all of Tikki's patterns it is well written with lots of helpful notes on getting the correct size and photo tutorials for any new things. As you can tell I am big fan :)

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  1. Neat! I like that! I do like a handknit vest on a child! Off to queue...